I found Peter to be courteous and professional. He spent a good deal of time ferreting out the source of a squeaking smoke alarm that I was convinced was coming from inside the attic. He found the source of the problem inside a side table drawer-a new smoke detector still in the package as I stood there embarrassed. Instead of making me feel bad, he smiled and said,”No extra charge for saving your sanity.” 😉

Diana T.


I found Peter on yelp this morning. My elderly aunt needed to have some wires in her house looked at and a new smoke detector put in. He was here within an hour and got the job done in 20 minutes. No bs, gave me what I needed, and at a fair price. Would for sure call again!

Shannon M.

Almost three years ago we moved into a new house, despite inspections, the lighting for our house died shortly upon moving in. Apparently that happens, and it’s a thing. We’ve never experienced being in a home that needed to be “re-wired” and had nowhere to go. A friend recommended Peter to us and assured us he was friendly, trustworthy and understood the value of hardwork. We soon learned that this was not only true but it also exceeded our expectations. Thank you Peter!

Kimberly L.

The service and communication was great! Had a small but important job to do and it was handled quickly and right on budget, thanks Peter!

E.J. J