Electrical Services


Norcal Electric & Pump Work is a licensed contractor that provides electrical services to our clients. A professional electrician is the only way to get your electrical services handled. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor that is able to provide help with electrical construction projects. We can help design and implement a system for water or electrical to meet the needs of your home or business. Not only does Norcal Electric & Pump Work have a fully licensed electrician to help with electrical needs, but we are happy to help provide guidance towards the most energy efficient systems.

Service & Repairs:

Norcal Electric & Pump Work provides electrical service and repair for residential, commercial and agriculture needs. We provide the service and repairs necessary to make sure that your electrical  needs stay up-to-date and run efficiently for your home or business. Nothing lasts forever, so regular servicing and repairs can help cut down on your overall costs and help grow efficiency.

We can help with maintenance and repairs of you electrical systems as well as back up generators for your home or business.

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The Norcal Electric & Pump Work Difference

Safety First: Hiring a professional who knows the ins and outs of electrical work protects your business, but also your clients, investments and potential profits. Licensed electricians are the only ones who should be inspecting your well-pump services, back up generators, lighting or other electrical wiring. Hiring a licensed professional to do inspections, services or repairs is not just the smart thing to do, it’s the safe thing to do.

Responsibility: Safety always does and always should come first. Part of putting safety first comes from Norcal Electric & Pump Work dedication to being accountable for all of our actions. When you hire a licensed professional like Norcal Electric & Pump Work you get the peace of mind of knowing that we’re responsible for permits, inspections and getting things done the right way. We stand by the work that we provide for our clients in their businesses.

Guaranteed: Licensed professional contractors and electricians like Norcal Electric & Pump Work go above and beyond to provide high quality work, safety, and getting it done right the first time.

Norcal Electric & Pump Work is Chico, Los Molinos, Red Bluff, Corning, Vina, Anderson, Cottonwood and Northern California’s one-stop-shop for all your Well-Pump Services, Electrical and custom construction project needs. From Well-Pump Services to Electrical Repairs – we’re here for you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide our customers with practical solutions for their Electrical needs. Please give us a call today at one of the following numbers and we’d be more than happy to take care of whatever you need from well-pump services, electrical and lighting, and more! Give us a call at 530-521-7553